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Sittella Winery(40kW)

Sittella Winery(40kW)

Nestled in the heart of the WA Swan Valley is one of the marquee boutique wineries in the region Sittella Winery.  A long-time producer of fine wines and a tourist destination of choice, the winery and restaurant boast some of the best local produce WA has to offer.

As a member of the CCI WA, Sittella came to Infinite Energy through their respective memberships.  Infinite Energy assessed the site and determined that an improvement in the total energy cost position for Sittella could be found.  On the basis of the assessment, Infinite Energy put forward a proposal for new, lower electricity rates combined with a solar system to reduce their use.  In embracing the recommendations, Sittella has bolstered their financial position, enabling their prosperity and ensuring the business continues to serve clients from WA and around the world long in to the future.

Facing the vineyard to the north of the winery, the solar system is visible as visitors take a walk through the property.  In the perfect balance, Sittella is now harvesting quality vine grapes for its wine making and harvesting the sun for its power.

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Company Sittella Winery
Location Herne Hill
Installation Date 09 / 2014
Industry Agriculture, Produce & Wineries
Solution Solar Power & Grid Electricity - System capacity 40 kW
  • 160 x Hanwha solar panels 
  • 2 x Fronius Symo inverters
  • Integrated Fronius remote monitoring system
CO2- e. Abatement Per Year 51 tonnes
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 190 trees saved per year
Energy Output Per Year 67,000 kWh
Solar % of Consumption 24%
Grid Electricity % of Consumption 76%
Year 1 Return on Investment 38%
Annual Savings $19,200

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