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Lawley’s Bakery – Osborne Park Solar (40kW)

Lawley’s Bakery - Osborne Park Solar (40kW)

A European style bakery, Lawley’s Bakery Cafe has 10 locations across Perth. Renowned for their hand moulded delicious traditional and sourdough breads, and mouth-watering cakes, pastries and biscuits, Lawley’s is a favourite, family-friendly spot for a coffee and bite to eat.

In order to reduce overheads at their stores and make the business more financially viable, Lawley’s Bakery contacted Infinite Energy for a solar solution.

In October 2016, we installed a 40kW commercial solar PV system with an annual output of 64,600kWh, that will not only significantly reduce the site’s electricity bills, but also reduce Lawley’s Bakery's annual CO2 emissions by 50 tonnes.  

Infinite Energy will also install systems on Lawley’s Bakery’s North Beach, Malaga and Webley locations.

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Company Lawley’s Bakery – Osborne Park
Location Osborne Park
Installation Date 01 / 2017
Industry Retail & Hospitality
Solution Solar Power System - System Capacity 39.75kW 
  • 150 x 265W WINAICO Solar Panels
  • 2 x Fronius Symo Inverters
  • Fronius Integrated Monitoring Solution
CO2- e. Abatement Per Year 50 tonnes
CO2 Equivalent Reduction 188 trees saved per year
Energy Output Per Year 64,954kWh
Solar % of Consumption 24%
Grid Electricity % of Consumption 76%
Projected Payback Period 2.8 years
Year 1 Return on Investment 37%
10 Year NPV $61,400
Annual Savings $15,600

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